Home staging: Get what your home is worth

3 Reasons Why to have your Home Professionally Staged

When it comes to selling your home, the first thing you must come to realize is that your home is a commodity, not an emotional attachment.  This is the way you’re going to have to start thinking if you want to get that best price for that piece of property.  Once the set of emotional paint colored glasses have been removed, what does the interior of your home say to the potential buyer?

If your home says this is the home of the Smiths, look at all the Smith’s things all over the place, real estate studies have shown that over 50% of buyers will buy a home that has been clearly staged over a family owned one. Here are the top 3 reasons Staged Homes sell faster and make more equity than the non-staged one.

Competing with New Builders

When prospective home property buyers are in the market, whether they are using a realtor or not, they are going to shop around and see what new developers have to offer; that’s smart business. Your home for sale is in hard competition with new development and in some cases, new technology, as in the cases of Smart Houses. With this being the situation, you want to use all the advantages on the market that you can and hiring a professional to stage your home is the singular smartest move you can make in selling your home quickly and possibly for more money.

Buyers Can Visualize the Property in a Dreamlike Setting

Professional home stages have a spatial context vision attached to a keen knowledge of what the modern prospective home buyer is seeking in a new property; therefore, they will be able to take the lovely space you call home and transform it into someone else’s “Dream-House” or “Home of their Dreams”. Studies are also showing that many times, buyers like to move into the ready-made house, and the staged home has provided that.

Staged Homes Usually Bring up to 15% more Equity

The designers “have” to be above par at their jobs and provide some kind of assurance. The industry is showing realtors mark up their homes that have been staged to off-set the cost of the staging. The markup did not affect the sale of the house as some home-owners feared but quite the opposite, the homeowners got the new asking price, proving that staged homes are receiving the credit they deserve.