Do you have the designer’s bug? A flair for the creativeness? Do you watch the Home and Garden station and think, “I would have done that differently,” because you love decorating and are always looking for new ways and ideas for a fresher look?

Maybe you’ve decided to sell your home and have heard that the right home staging makes all the difference in the sale of your house, but you can’t really afford to move until you sell your house, or you can’t afford a professional stager.

If either scenario strums a heart string with you, then sit back, relax and read the next 3 paragraphs that include simple staging techniques that will amazingly, but increasing improve the sale of your house and your designer bug.

Pick One Room

Since it has been decided that you are going to showcase your own home for the sale of your property, don’t overdo it. Choose one room to really let all of your talents shine through. Pick the living room, a bedroom, or the kitchen, but one of the main rooms where you also know that once you are complete, you will be satisfied that you are showing off your best work.

Showcase a Single Feature

Once you have chosen your favorite room for your remarkable talent to come shining through, your next step is in choosing a showcase feature. This singular item should be the main focal point for any prospective buyer and make them really think WOW! about the overall property. Think about that statement. If the amazing feature is a crystal chandelier, everything else should be muted in color.

Minimal is Good

This is why in real estate, realtors say minimal is good. Too much clutter gives potential buyer’s brains and subconsciousness too much to think about. Simply put, all you want buyers to see is simple, elegant beauty that you have created, and they want to buy it.